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Feb. 20th, 2010

Writer's Block: Money to burn

If you were given two weeks off with an unlimited supply of money that was only good for those two weeks (anything you purchased, invested, or saved would disappear when the two weeks were up), what would you do?

I'll used that money to feed the hungry, to give drinks to those who's thirsty. At least, when that two weeks ends it'll never take away the foods and the drinks on that thirsty and hungry peoples stomach.

Jan. 2nd, 2010

(no subject)

my own view...

I think this is the truth that I can see...

Dec. 27th, 2009

not so good night...

I can't get to sleep..waah... so worried I can't get my head out of thinking what could've been if I get to sleep and then wake up...nah...no bad thinking..nah..I don't wanna think about it...but, I can't stop thinking about it...so hard...I can't get to sleep when I know someone in my special persons in life were having a bad feeling, I mean sick....

Dec. 22nd, 2009

I've now got the new LiveJournal Messenger.

I've now got the new LiveJournal Messenger. My Windows Live ID is blashvanhoward@livejournal.com. Sign up now and we can chat!

Dec. 20th, 2009

Writer's Block: New lease on life

Was there a significant event in your life that helped define who you and caused you to re-evaluate your priorities?
when one of my friends died...

It's not the bed!

Dad seems so interesting about why I'm sleeping in his bed,that he often ask me why? He never wake me up though, instead, he just sleep in the other room. After a week, he told to the boys to exchange my bed to his bed, for that I'm really surprised! Why would he gonna give his bed to me? When it's not what I really wanted? After exchanging his bed to mine,  I still sleeps in his room,but still he never asked. Until the next day comes and he told to my aunts that I'm sleeping in his room although heexchanged his bed to mine, then my aunts says,"Why she loves sleeping in your room?Maybe you should be the one to sleep in her room." Then dad did what my aunts said, but then I sleep in my room that was then my dad's room, still he never ask me why. Why always sleeps where he sleeps? The answer:Because I'd love to feel his presence in anywhere he sleeps. Because I've missed my dad so much. That I never grew with Daddy on my side. Asking if he knew that? Before he didn't,but now he knows. How? Because of my notebook...where I wrote everything that I wanted to answer to his questions. He just simply smiles and said,"Okay. sleeps there whenever you want." After that, I used to wake up in the middle of my sleep when I know he came from his work and then sleeps in his bed as I used to do when mom was still with us... *This was my friends story that she e-mailed me just this morning...

Dec. 17th, 2009

get a little kick...

Yah wanted to kick that man in his butt... For being such an unresponsible parent and unrespectful husband... Yes!I'm just a stranger to them,because I'm just a health worker though... But it's more shamefull for them... You know what's really annoying? Their fighting in the front of their childrens... And take note of this... His wife is pregnant... It's not I'm taking sides though I'm a girl... But for God's sake, yu're going to have a fight with someone who's bearing your baby? That's absurd... Really...

Dec. 16th, 2009


Alot of questions still in our mind, right? Yes,it's true. When someone ask us a question,for somehow we think of it too on our onw. Here are some question that I still remember I answered...

Q:How could you say you really move on?

A:When you wake up one morning and you remember what you've been through and you suddenly get through the day without any pain and tears in your eyes and you start smiling of the things you did while you were on that hard times...

Q:How could you ease the pain?

A:Pain cannot be ease away,because pain were always there wherever we are. We just learn how to take it and then live with it, move with it, breath it, until we suddenly realize we're already in used to it and we're ready to feel another one.

Q:How could you say you love someone?

A:When get hurt at any cause by that someone. When you're satisfied with what you've had just to be able to be with that someone. when you're willing to take the risk just to be in that place with that someone. When you're willing to fight even you know you're out of luck. That's how you know you love someone.

Q:What's your greatest wish on this Christmas day?

A:Be able to pronounce that peace and equality in this world, even just here in the Philippines...

Do you have your questions too?

Dec. 15th, 2009

fate on kidz mind

I remember when I was a child I used to ask my mom about fate.

She used to answer fate were the right time and the judge of when and where and how people get what they wanted. Then I used to think,when was my fate will come to be a princess (yes,to be a princess on fairy tales!)?
Then as I grew up, realizes that being a princess of a kingdom is not that easy to attain. You have to be a daughter of the king or the successor of the throne at least,or maybe be the one to be chosen by it's family,if and only you reached their standards.
For somehow, there comes a time when I heard a story of my friend's story about her parents, about how fate brought them apart and then still they end up together.
Her mother was a high school girl then,when her father met her mother. Her father said that he was simply an admirer of her mothers smile,and he was 10 years older than her. He just keeps on staring at her until he earns his confidence to ask for her name. When they finally met each other,they simply became friends. But he has to go far from her. His father petitioned him to USA, and they fell apart when her mother married another guy, and her father married an american. They simply don't expect that they will see each other again more on they simply don't expect that their love that once put aside will be living again. Her fathers wife for two years died because of cancer of the bone, while her mothers husband for 4 years died in a car accident. after for so many years they meet again in an unexpected place, in the cemetery. And from there,they again recovered what they've lost long time ago...then so the story goes.
It inspired my other friends,they told us that,we don't have to wait nor search for love we wanted to have,nor to something we wanted to get, there's a time for everything just simply enjoy what you have,and be prepared for something to come...life a big puzzle,but a breathing one.

me wondering....

I'm not really taking a lot of things seriously,because if I did I probably suit in a small cases of mysteries and drama,so I'll just take it as lightly as it should be and as I want it to be. Sometimes I ask myself questions about people I've come to meet and some people who've come to meet some people or other people in different acquaintances.
One time my friend ask me this,"how could this unknown person be drifted in your life so suddenly and then you'll probably be drifted away by them so easily out of no where?"
How could I answer that some kind of question? But maybe that's the fate somehow be widening your mind about people around you. Or maybe, the fate just simply put it that way to be able you'll never forget those person you meet.
hai...so hard to know when and where those people will come to show us something about us we never know we are. How ever and whenever they come I'll welcome them with all my heart and if they come to say to let them go I'll let them go. It's easy to say,hard to do? Yes it's really hard,saying "How could you let go of them?". We didn't have to forget them,because it's really impossible to forget someone who'd just become the part of your life,we just learn to go and live with the pain we have inside,until we feel it no more...

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